Pillars of the Earth
Okay, so basically I’m leaving Tumblr.

It really has nothing to do with this blog, or Pillars at all. It’s mostly the fact that school/other life things are getting in the way, and I’m very busy with many other things going on right now, and I don’t want to disappoint people who really love Pillars by not keeping it up well.

So, I am now looking for a replacement. A person (or persons) who would be willing to upkeep this blog consistently and keep the quality Pillars coming.  

If you are interested, please message me asap and let me know”

1. Why you want to run the blog, and

2. What you would do to upkeep it.

Thank you so much for a great year of Pillars of the Earth love and awesome fans. Keep being cool.

Hey y’all.

I’d just like to welcome Bollywoodsunshine ( http://bollywoodsunshine.tumblr.com/ ) to the group! She’s a member who very graciously volunteered to help out here on Zutara, which is pretty awesome to me.